~ ~ ~ WARNING ~ ~ ~ **** THIS IS NOT AN INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEO **** There are essential actions and also some exclusive details that has actually been modified out. This is also only a 10 min video clip, where just the head swap alone can take well over a hr depending upon the drive. We also do not show our approach for straightening the directly this specific design.

This video was initially created because many of our consumers were just curious, or ill informed about what is done to physically repair a tough drive for recuperation. This video clip is not intended to make you think switching heads is very easy.

Also, just since your drive is clicking, does not always suggest the heads are bad. Proper medical diagnosis is vital with doing information recuperation appropriately. The majority of reduced degree firms will certainly simply attempt to exchange the heads, when it may be a PCB or firmware problem. When the head swap does not function, they will certainly state your information is unrecoverable. We obtain drives like that in weekly, where a consumer has actually been told the heads are poor, when they weren’t. So simply due to the fact that your drive is clicking, there possibly something more to it, yet you will not have the proper tools required to validate this or otherwise as well as neither will certainly a reduced end data recuperation firm.

The easy message below is, if your information is critical, make definitely certain you let a specialist data recovery firm do the recuperation. Also if you have no desire at all to send out a tough drive to us for healing, PLEASE store around, do your homework on the sector and also ask for solid referrals from the company you do select. A physical healing is going to run anywhere from $600 to $1,500+ depending on the size of the drive, as well as the kind of failure that has actually occurred.