[WPXperVideo id=62 ]I this trench with races for dinner calm I’ve got this iphone six-plus here that is in recovery mode and I’m not sure how it got this way because when I picked this phone up from the person who sold it to me I tested everything and everything worked I turned the phone off I turned it back on and here we are in recovery mode for some reason so I’ve got this program that’s called wreck boot this has no device connected so we’re gonna plug this phone in to the computer we have the message that says iTunes has detected a phone in recovery mode you must restore this iPhone before it can be used and we’re going to click OK on that to acknowledge it iTunes is probably going to try and load maybe not so I’m wrecked if iTunes was gonna load I would have just closed it out but on wreck boot we’re going to click exit recovery you can see the phone turned off and is now rebooting and we’ll see what happens here wreck boot is a nice program again it’s just re c bu B OoT and if you ever end up with a phone stuck in recovery mode wreck boot is one program that can often remove it from recovery mode and we are back to where we can actually do some things on the phone so download wreck boat there’s a lot of websites that there’s a lot of websites that let me just punching this password here a lot of websites have options for downloading rec route but not all of them are reliable or trustworthy so I use the link that’s seen it let me see if I can find it here real quick so if we go to Google and we type in wreck boot download okay this one right here the one that says download cnet.com this is the one that I always used to download on all of my computers I don’t know how that’s pronounced bit J a xov this is the people that make wreck foote so I’m sure that’s a valid website to Cydia is probably a decent website but any of these other websites that you can download from I don’t know I’d be a little leery about downloading from them but this CNET link right here just google record download and it’s the second one download wreck boot from that you can’t use it well iTunes is running so you if iTunes has loaded then you will need to close iTunes then open the record window then either select to enter recovery mode if you need to do that or exit recovery mode if it doesn’t work another program that may help out is called tiny umbrella and there’s another there’s a few other programs but record is pretty pretty much the one that I use the most and tiny umbrella works just as well if you have any questions asking in the comments thanks for watching this is Trent with racist fern intercom