[WPXperVideo id=59 ]you hello YouTube what we got here is a USB stick made by SanDisk once again one of our followers so on one of the videos we’ve posted and sent it in for repair we’re looking at a USB stick that didn’t have any significant signs of failure it just kind of didn’t get recognized at all so looking at this thing when it’s out of its enclosure first thing that we noticed when we zoomed in on it is that the very first pin as you can see the top one is looking pretty good and still attached to the bottom one sorry the second one from the top started kind of cracking but it’s still attached as well so is the third one but the number four the lowest pin had had been lifted off now when I say lifted I mean like the pad is completely turned off from the board you can see that gap there okay so that pin is no longer making any connection sometimes if the anchor points which are right on the side there have broken loose and you you know wiggle it while the unit is plugged in into a USB port you may be able to temporarily reestablish that connection so the car would come up as recognized and you would be able to copy your files quickly as long as you hold the unit in the still position but in our case the anchors are still pretty good and solid even though there’s some cracking of the solder right at the at the joint right here we’re not going to worry about it since the rest of the pins look pretty good what we’re going to do instead of removing the entire connector we’re gonna actually cheat a little bit here right where the pad is supposed to lead there is a small track right there now what we’re going to do is we’re going to scrape it up add a little bit of solder on to it and run a small piece of wire to connect the dots so I’m just going to go ahead and do the prep work and I’ll show you what I’m talking about once it’s done right so this is what the pad is gonna look like once we scraped off the coating of it you see the little shiny copper part behind the pin that we’re going to be restoring so we’re gonna add a little flux to it and with the help of really sharp point on the soldering iron we’re going to reach in and add a little bit of solder to it right so this is a as close as I could get in with the camera all right so what I’ve done here is I added solder without scraped up bad position and I pushed the the pin that was turned off the printed circuit board closer towards that scraped up bad that I that I just created and hopefully that gives us solid enough connection to power up all four pins of our unit so I’m going to give this a try right now and we’ll see this is going to solve our problem but before I would also add a little bit of solder to the anchor points of the USB so that it’s it’s a bit more solid and depending that we just soldered on won’t break as soon as we plug this back into a USB port alright so this is our damaged unit that we just finished repairing since it’s all exposed like that I don’t want to hold onto it as I plug it in to which shorting stuff we could potentially wrap it in that electrical tape or something like that we’ll put it back into enclosure but I’m just going to use an extension cord for that and that’s what I recommend to use for these kinds of situations just going to set it aside right here and it’s a bit awkward a mess I’d so it’s connected now and it’s flashing so that’s a good sign and I’m just looking here and that’s that’s our drive so if you guys have similar problems with the USB sticks not being recognized please don’t hesitate to give us a shout best way to reach this is definitely give us a call phone number is six one three three six six four – three – if you call in a long-distance or you can call our toll-free number which is one eight five five three six six four two three – visit our website submit your form through contact us page or you can just send us an email straight to info at HDD recovery CA you