[WPXperVideo id=58 ]hello everybody this is Abraham with no shirt Computer Services and today I’d like to show you a hard drive that I think has heads stock on a platter the reason I know that is from the noise that it makes if we plug it in you can hear the beeping noise that’s basically the motor is trying to start the platters and it can’t and it’s most likely because the heads are stuck on a platter it does happen occasionally I have seen it it could also be that the bearing is stuck or seized and platters are not turning you’d get the same noise so for this one we would need to open this hard drive now this hard drive does not have much of anything that’s important on it so we don’t have to use any cleanroom or anything and I’m sure it’s going to work once we get the heads unstuck so we’ll just take the screws out there’s one more screw hidden somewhere beneath the label just kind of feel it and get under it okay um skips here pry it open alright so as we can see the heads are stuck on a platter I’m not sure why this would happen but I have seen this happen several times so how do we get the heads off the platter and into the park position okay the best thing to do is turn the platter so let’s see we can use our trusty screwdriver and it’s not going to like it Bubba all right so the heads are off most likely this hard drive will start and it will most likely work there is some dust particles on drive on the platters I’m not too concerned about those because once the hard drive starts spinning it’ll centrifugal force will get rid of those particles and before the head actually starts moving on to the hard drive now heads do seem to be stuck on a hard drive as if they’re glued reason for that is because the head surface is polished extremely smooth hard drive surface is polished extremely smooth it’s we have two surfaces that are very smooth they get stuck on each other all right check on our computer we’ll plug in our adapter SATA to USB and as you can see the hard drive is mounting I don’t hear the beeping noises there it is scanning we’ll just cancel that folder yeah there you go the hard drive is working okay do not be afraid to open a hard drive if it’s if it’s not critical I’d say if if you have a million dollar business that’s on a hard drive and it’s probably best to leave it to people who can give you some kind of insurance I’ve done this so many times it seems to be working just fine but if you only have personal stuff and if it’s while you’re opening it or while you’re moving the heads off the platter you accidentally damage them you’re not going to hit your head over with whatever and say why did I do this you probably want to take it to a lab but if you have a hard drive that’s making that noise you haven’t used it for god knows how long and it’s just something on there that you might want to use I’ll go ahead and open it you’re not going to damage it I’ve seen some people on YouTube saying that you have to have these screws to specific torque I think it’s baloney as long as you get them tight the hard drive will work so as you can see the hard drive is working in fact I can put it back into a computer and it’ll work just fine I do not trust open hard drives if I have opened it I would never use it as a primary hard drive I could use it as a backup hard drive basically if it if it contains a second copy of something that I have I’m okay you know I can use this hard drive but overall maybe for test purposes the hard drive is okay maybe for playing purposes but never ever as a primary hard drive that runs your computer so once you open the hard drive be sure it will not work the same as it did when it was assembled at the factory or you know brand new hard drive so I hope this was informative and helpful and as always have a good day