Speaker: Scott Moulton, President of Forensic Method Services, LLC

This speech is all ANIMATION in 3D! Information on a Solid State Device is virtualized as well as the Physical Sector that you are asking for is not actually the field it was 5 minutes back. The information move using wear leveling plans controlled by the drive utilizing propriety approaches. When you request for Sector 125, its physical address block is transformed to an LBA block and every 5 create cycles the data is transferred to a vacant and also new previously gotten rid of block. This ruins metadata made use of in information & forensics recovery. File Slack Space vanishes, you can no more make sure that the specific physical sector you are recovering remained in the very same place or has actually not been relocated or locate out what it made use of to be!

I will certainly explain how Flash as well as Solid State Drives are various and also compare them to difficult drives in their ability to review and also write information. What occurs when they are harmed as well as a recovery requires to be done? In this process you will see how the data gets mixed around and also just how a few of the information is damaged at the same time making it impossible in a lot of cases to recover some data and metadata that on a hard disk has been a simple job comparative. You will also obtain an idea regarding just how propriety methods that each vendor is making use of will certainly separate you from recognizing what is occurring to your information or also where it is on the drive. And also at least the animation is the high quality of the History Channel and also you will certainly enjoy what you are finding out!

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