R-Studio is a detailed data healing and also undelete program renowned for its ability to recuperate mission-critical information shed to infections, malicious strikes, and also hardware failures or operating system crashes www.r-studio.com.
It supports FAT/NTFS (All Windows), exFAT(WinMobile, Windows Vista and Windows 7), HFS/HFS+ (Mac), UFS1/UFS2 & Ext2FS/3FS/4FS documents systems as well as features on neighborhood and also network disks, also if dividings are formatted, damaged or erased. All 64-bit Windows variations are supported. Additional file recuperation algorithm raises the high quality of data recovery as well as recovers files not identified in documents system metadata. Dynamic disk and also RAID (consisting of RAID 6) are supported along with recouping encrypted data, pressed documents and different information streams. Documents as well as data systems structures (NTFS/FAT boot markets, MFT documents record, MBR, LDM frameworks, etc) can be viewed and modified in the professional disk hex editor. In enhancement to byte to byte copy of any object visible in the Drives panel, clever copy of partitions as well as hard drives with dimension as well as offset modification is offered. In-place conserving of recovered data on a remote computer enables to offer computer systems over the Internet connection. Prolonged Viewer Plugin permits seeing a material of the located files to approximate recovery chances before buying. Flexible parameter setups offer you absolute control over data recovery.